Asking a girl out without getting turned down

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This week, we’ll be taking a look at those things to do so as not to receive a “NO” as the answer from the lady you’re asking out.

“Ladies are all different from each other,” Yeah, I know but they all have their common points. One or two similarities here and there. Hence, these hints should work for most ladies.

Common, let’s go!

  1. See rejection as a common reality. Don’t take it personal. Never let it get to you. Statistics have it that nearly 75% of the ladies say no on every guy’s first trial. Now, this may be funny but it’s the truth. They expect you to persevere. Ladies believe giving a yes as an answer when you ask for the first time is barbaric and absurd. They are of the opinion that this belittles them and make them look cheap or easy to get.

So, forget your handsome face first. Persevere! Don’t take no for an answer.

  1. Face the reality that you’ve been turned down once and choose to see it as “try again later.” And mind you, spend some more time with her on phone calls, chats and the likes. Get to know her more and eager to be more intimate. By so doing, you’re driving your love into her heart. Trust me on this, when it gets to some points, even you will know it’s time to give a second trial and this time around, you should be more grown and adroit.
  2. Don’t be too desperate! Yeah, that’s it. Don’t be or even if you’re, try as much as possible to not make it too pronounced. Don’t sculpture yourself in her heart as someone who will lose it without her. However, in midst of this, don’t let her go. Be close as ever, yet displaying some high level of comportment.

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