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Every job has tools that are best used for it. When you need to handle some screws, a screwdriver is a good choice. When you need to write up some documents, a word processor on a computer does the job. What about when you need to clean gutters, though?


Since this isn’t exactly a job I do a lot – and I’m willing to bet most of you don’t do it often either – I had to stop and think. What do I use?


Of course, the most straightforward gutter cleaning tool is to call a professional. Spotless Gutter Cleaning comes highly recommended, even by me. If you decide to handle the task yourself, though? Well, here’s a quick look at the things you’ll need.


A ladder is an obvious choice.


You need a way to get up to the gutters, after all. Most homes have these set up close to the roof. Even if the home itself is only a single level, it might be beyond the reach of someone standing on a stool. Ladders are essential.


For this, you’ll want one that’s stable. You don’t want an ordinary step ladder, as that might lose its balance. The soft or uneven ground can both cause it to fall over, causing damage to your gutters, the walls, or even injury.


Getting up there is only part of the struggle, though.


Once you’re up there, you need to clean the pipes out. How you do that may vary. Some areas are open, and more than a few people use brooms or similar things to get the gunk and debris out. Others use gloves and buckets, removing stuff by hand.


You could invest in a gutter vacuum, too.


These are machines that work like vacuum cleaners, but with stronger suction and bigger pipes. The design is meant to help someone reach high points and suck away the clutter. This can work in both the open areas and the ones that are closed off.


A power sprayer is also a good choice.


These devices can be set up to hit at angles, so you’re not looking at as hard a time to get corners. The more power there is, the higher the odds it can punch through a clog. However, they’re not the best choices for gutters that are old.


If the material is too old, it could fall apart due to the pressure. This is something you’ll want to avoid, as repair costs can get high.

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