Computers In Your Car

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There are computers inside your car.


They’re not as complicated as you might think, though. They’re mostly there as part of the various systems, like the radio and air conditioning. Things like the radio and the GPS system both run on computers, electronic systems with specialised functions.


Most of the time, you’re never going to notice. The functions are designed to be accessible and straightforward, easy enough to understand that you don’t give them much thought. However, there are times when you’re looking at electronic failure on top of the mechanical.


The thing is, cars look simple. That’s part of the design. However, under the hood, there’s a lot of it that’s incredibly complex that a Perth mobile mechanic has to deal with.


Electronic systems in the modern car are extensive and often perform understated roles. Here’s a rundown of some of the more typical systems you can find that may not necessarily be obvious.


First, the modern car radio likely uses a lot of electronics and computers. Even if you’re still using knobs and dials, digital signals are interpreted through computers these days. This means that modern radios often rely on computer technology more than mechanical parts.


Braking systems also run on electronics these days.


Computers control braking, signalling things like when the wheels stop. There’s still mechanical parts and fail-safes, but for the most part, when you hit the brakes? It’s electronic signals being delivered to make sure the mechanical components work as intended.


If your car has GPS or any Bluetooth connection, there’s a computer running that too.


GPS requires a computer system, in fact. It begins with the standard input processing, along with the electronics needed to calculate routes or interpret satellite data correctly. This technology would not be possible without computers in the car.


The various meters and sensors of the modern vehicle are also lined up with electronics. You might be surprised to find out that a number of these are actually on the windscreen itself.


These sensors monitor a lot of things. There are sensor lineups in the tank, detecting the amount of fuel to a degree of accuracy impossible in the past. There are sensors in the glass of the windscreen, designed to deliver all sorts of data to the various components.


Even the car’s engine is lined with all sorts of electronics. These are more diagnostic tools than anything else, allowing for analysis of performance and systems.

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